Enjoy the Many Benefits of Technology for Seniors

The use of technology can reduce feelings of isolation in seniors by promoting social connections.

Today’s older adults are flooded with a surge of hi-tech products directed at enhancing their self-reliance and safety and providing life enhancement. At a touch of a button or two, older adults can automatically pay a visit “in-person” with friends and family through Skype, wear a necklace that takes action with emergency help when needed, and even avoid getting lost with specialized sensors attached to apparel or shoes. There are, without a doubt, many benefits of technology for seniors.

The problem becomes how to inspire older individuals (and those who care for them) to shift from a low-tech frame-of-mind to taking advantage of all that’s available to them, something that is always top-of-mind for our professionals at 24/7 Idaho Home Care. A recent Caring.com report revealed that as few as 15% of families caring for senior loved ones are actually utilizing technology.

Several frequent obstacles:

  • The stigma. Some people see the use of some technology, like a medical alert necklace, as the loss of their independence.
  • Help. Problem-solving with technology leads many older adults and their caregivers to become frustrated with troubleshooting gadgets.
  • A lack of time. Carving out time to learn and try something new is especially challenging for busy families who care for their loved ones.

If you’re willing to try and incorporate medical technologies into senior caregiving but are dealing with these difficulties, call on 24/7 Idaho Home Care for help exploring the many benefits of technology for seniors. Our qualified and patient care aides can help overcome the technological obstructions by:

  • Recommending technology that fits a senior’s personality and issues
  • Setting up and providing training on how to use the technology

Whether it is teaching someone how to enjoy applications on a smartphone, or arranging for a personal medical alert system, we can keep seniors connected with friends and family and help them enjoy life to the fullest by offering a variety of supportive services aimed at preserving independence for seniors at home. Reach out to us any time at (208) 908-6080 to learn more about senior care in Boise and surrounding areas or to schedule a free in-home consultation.