How to Make Homes Safe and Wheelchair Accessible for Seniors

senior in wheelchair rolling down the hallway in their home
Make some changes to your home so it’s safe and wheelchair accessible for seniors.

Home is where we can truly relax and be ourselves, and that’s just part of why so many seniors make the decision to continue to live at home throughout aging. But oftentimes wheelchairs will become necessary when seniors or those with specific disabilities lose mobility. This can be a unique challenge when it comes to ensuring a home is safe and wheelchair accessible for seniors. Thankfully, a few home alterations for seniors and those with disabilities can tremendously improve safety.

The following are just a few alterations that we suggest to make your home wheelchair accessible for seniors:

  • Make sure that walkways and driveways are smooth, but not slippery.
  • Install a ramp to the front door with landings at the top and bottom.
  • Doorways should be 32-36 inches wide with sufficient floor space near the doors to move a wheelchair.
  • Thresholds on doors should be ¼ inch or less.
  • Cabinet shelves ought to be a maximum of 10 inches deep.
  • Controls on the kitchen stove should be located at the front.
  • Make certain that there is knee space underneath all sinks.
  • Oven doors should ideally be able to swing open to the side.
  • For deeper shelves, put in a Lazy Susan to enable the person to reach all items.
  • Bathrooms ought to have either a wheelchair accessible tub with a 60-inch turning radius or T-turn space, or a stand-up shower that is curbless and at least 36 inches wide.
  • There should be sufficient room to transfer from wheelchair to toilet.
  • Walk-in closets are great for loved ones who use wheelchairs, but a closet organizer that allows the person the ability to reach all items is also good.

Additionally, floors should be free of clutter and furniture should be organized for maximum maneuverability. For the best home care in Nampa, ID and surrounding areas, partner with 24/7 Idaho Home Care. We can help suggest home modification ideas and coordination to help you make the necessary changes to your home.

The first step is our free in-home assessment, where we will develop a customized care plan to address the senior’s particular care needs and wishes, and then we monitor that plan ongoing and update as needs change.

Our Nampa area home care services are available for just a few hours each week, up through full-time, around-the-clock care. You can reach us any time by contacting us online or call us at (208) 908-6080 (Meridian)/ (208) 524-3634 (Idaho Falls) to learn more!